Why God Started to be Man

 Why God Became Guy Essay

THEO 313 – D02 LUO

Journal Content Critique


In Lehman Strauss' document, " How come God Became Man” the issue of Jesus' metamorphose is discovered. Throughout the article Strauss displays a thorough understand of bible verses – the two Old and New Legs, approaching the issue of the incarnation of Jesus with a great evangelical Christian worldview – applying the Bible practically, believing the scriptures to become inerrant. Strauss' interaction together with the scriptures can be described as clear durability of this article, as he repeated links multiple compared to together to formulate clear and distinctive points. Not only does Strauss show a grounded view of scripture, he also interacts with history to generate and support his security, citing multiple early Christian councils that affirm his position that Jesus Christ was indeed fully God, fully man and born of any virgin. That he interacts with well-documented famous creeds, including the church councils at Nicaea in 325 A. M. (addressing the divinity of Jesus Christ fantastic equality with the Father 1) and the council of Chalcedon in 451 A. Deb. (making the statement that Jesus is definitely both God and man in one person 2) is very important as they details common disputes and other viewpoints that challenge Jesus's identity and His work incarnation.

Though the document is long in is actually presentation, it provides a balanced treatment on the concern of Jesus' incarnation by highlighting several key main reasons why Jesus left from paradise and put on flesh that include – This individual Came to Disclose God to Man; He Came to Uncover Man to Himself; He Came to Get Man; This individual Came to Restrain Satan; He Came to Save the Whole Creation; He Came to Restore Israel; and He Came to Reign. Each level addresses a specific issue and directs the reader's attention to biblical support for his stance – one drawback to this is which a circular argument leaves zero " upon ramp” for external evaluate. However , Strauss' high look at of scripture lends itself to this as 2 Timothy a few: 16 stresses...

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