Philosophy of Education

 Philosophy of Education Essay

Philosophy of Education Newspaper

EDUC 326 Foundations of Education

University of Wisconsin- Stout

Marketing-Business Education

Spring 2013


The key goal of your Marketing-Business instructor is to expand the business knowledge within the students you teach. This should be done by practical marketing and organization activities and experiences. During this newspaper I clarify how the tasks of the educator, education, and curriculum influence the outcome in the marketing organization teachings, along with what the philosophies which i can correspond with.


In this daily news I will discuss my views on what education means in my eyes. Let me talk about what I think each of the subsequent categories indicate to me, around the role of curriculum, education, and what it takes to be a educator. In the daily news I as well discuss the key philosophies of education and break down the styles of instructing and show what ways best describe myself as a teacher. Role of Education

As we both know education is a very serious topic in the United States today and takes on an extremely huge part in society. Education serves as a means of kids to get a better perspective on the ever changing world surrounding them. Schools should be a safe environment open to virtually any child. Education teaches youngsters many different items that will help them become successful in whatever path that they choose, either to higher education or entering into the work place. Schools provide many fundamental life expertise aside from simply simple reading and arithmetic, such as learning to communicate and work with other folks around them. I believe the overall definition of the position of education is best stated by Un Educational Technological and Social Organization, " Education could be a means to empower children and adults likewise to become energetic participants inside the transformation of their societies” (UNESCO). What Must be Taught

Teaching marketing and organization in the classroom is bit different than most other education areas....

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