Understanding Human Behaviour

 Understanding Individual Behaviour Exploration Paper

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Indian Environment: The Changing Scenario

Following going through this unit you should be able to figure out: • need for understanding individual behaviour.

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It is very essential to understand individual behaviour in today's world as the existence of the company depends op the employees/individuals. Without understanding human behavior it is very difficult to work in an organisation. In order to understand human behaviour we will see how the perception of human being has changed from time to time. Almost all organisations are composed of individuals, with different personality, behaviour, values, perception, motives, dreams and capabilities. The main reason to comprehend behaviour is that individuals are diverse. No two individuals are related. In the early studies, theories of enterprise and managing treated persons as though they were the same; clinical management was based on the similarities between workers, not really the differences. As opposed, modern theories of individual behaviour will be based upon the differences among people and exactly how those dissimilarities can affect the organisation. Person differences are numerous for example a lot of employees are motivated to work and several are not. This could be due to a number of reasons, and can be known by simply further studying the unit. Before we go to understand human being behaviour, it is best to know what the term `behaviour' means. Conduct can be defined as a response/s which is observed directly/indirectly. Direct statement is possible simply by studying the responses of individuals to a work place. Indirect findings are decision


Sociable Processes and Issues

producing processes and attitudes, regarding results or perhaps how persons describe them by speaking. Human conduct is very much unpredictable. In actions we cannot assume 1 set routine of behaviour. Lavitt grouped behaviour since: (i) Brought on behaviour, (ii) Motivated behavior, (iii) Objective oriented actions. From these observations it is usually understood that behaviour is known as a dependent aspect. By understanding behaviour you can predict, immediate, change and control behavior of individuals or perhaps group. There are generally 4 basic presumptions regarding nature of people: specific differences, an entire person, triggered behaviour (motivation) and worth of the person (human


In an efficiency set up it is crucial for managers to understand behavior. as they are regularly with people, getting together with them with regards to communication (either written or perhaps oral) in terms of work (either by specifying the work and obtaining things done). Understanding past behaviour is important for developing effective human being skills, and it also provides a platform for forecasting behaviour. In addition, it gives a good idea to managers as to just how behaviour is similar in certain conditions and changing in changing environmental conditions. Another skill which an effective manager or perhaps leader requires is the capability to direct, alter and control behaviour. Managers have to realize that there are-going to be specific differences among the employees, since no specific is similar to additional. Each individual is unique by themselves. The other has to understand that each individual must be taken care of as a whole person through care of. his needs and also training and making him up to date in terms of work. Finally human beings have to be treated with respect simply then you can expect effective functionality. With...