This is a paper My spouse and i wrote explaining my findings during a trip to the David County the courtroom house.

 This is a paper My spouse and i wrote explaining my observations during a vacation to the David County courtroom house.

Court Observation Paper

To get my declaration paper, I chose to visit the Wayne Region Circuit The courtroom (Family Division), which is located at 1025 East Forest in Detroit. The particular date of my own visit was March 6th and I was there by 8: forty five a. meters. until 10: 30 a. m.

There exists a neighborhood around the court, however it is also right off of

I-75 and minutes by downtown, rendering it very easy to discover. When I came, I found car parking to be quite simple and I left across the street upon Forest. While i walked in the Court building, I was quickly met simply by metal sensors and 5-7 security guards. The guards asked me to empty out my pockets, open my clothes and then pass through the steel detectors. As I walked about the court building, I likewise noticed that there are security guards at every exit door and they made sure nobody joined, only exited. There were also Wayne County Police Officers in most of the courtrooms I looked into. In my opinion, secureness measures had been very good at this site and I felt very safe.

The building alone was common, nothing to elegant. The outside of that looked like any other building in Detroit and it was hard to tell what the building was without knowing. The interior was the same, very ordinary. The staff was very helpful. Initially when i first walked in the building, We walked to the receptionist's desk, which has been

surrounded by bulletproof glass, and told her who also I was and why I had been there. Your woman then

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told me which i was everyone should be open to stay in about any of the hearings going on that morning as long as it was all right with the judge/referee. She also explained that there are courtrooms around the first three floors. Choice to go to the third floor as the first two were congested. As I was walking throughout the hall, I used to be looking into the different courtrooms to verify if anything was going on. Finally We looked into among the last courtrooms and observed someone I recognized, not just a student, however the judge. I couldn't bear in mind where That i knew of him via, but We recognized him from somewhere. I wandered in and told him who I used to be and asked if he'd mind basically sat in on the hearings he had today. He told me that he previously no problem with it and that there would be two pre-trials today. It finally hit me personally who the judge was; it was Past State Senator Chris Dingell, who was the Downriver Area representative and I'm as a result area. He introduced himself to me and began to tell me some things about his history. He explained that he was very a new comer to this, just being selected at the end of 2002 and sworn in officially at the beginning of 2003. He explained that for the most part, a lot of the cases that he's seen so far have already been juveniles from single parent homes and that he believes family structure takes on a big a part of how a child is brought up. He as well told me that he firmly believes in start camps to rehabilitate juveniles and that faith gives great structure to young adults helping point them in the right direction.

Inside courtroom, there was clearly a picture with the Boblo Boat, a painting of deer and a devotee on the walls, along with the seal off of the Region of Wayne behind the judge. The lighting was adequate and for the two pre trials I actually observed, the seating was adequate too, however , Judge Dingell explained that occasionally there is not enough seating intended for

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everyone. There were two computers in the courtroom, a single for the judge and one intended for the judge's secretary, who also uses it to schedule trial schedules. There was also a microphone offered to the judge, however , it absolutely was not found in either with the pre trials and it had been not necessary simply because there weren't various people inside the courtroom. The proceedings had been recorded by a court news reporter who typed out exactly what was stated " around the record".

The first pre trial which i observed was a case of Malicious Destruction of House in a building. The culprit was a 15 year old white male. In cases like this, both of the juvenile's father and mother attended the pre trial. As soon as the pre...