The Inflation of Vietnam

 Essay on The Inflation of Vietnam

Marketing Strategies of OMO Brand in Vietnamese Industry


In Vietnam, with the advancement the economy, the buyer market is bigger cause of business have to enhance their product simply by different ways of brings to consumers appropriated product with many selections. To find out accomplishment of the method Omo detegent get attention to customer as well as how to use effective marketing strategies of Omo company, we have carried out observations of some large market in Ho Chi Minh City, along with conducting a survey (questionnaire) on a lot of groups of metropolitan population. The results helped us to describe why Omo detergent has become the most popular brand that customer used. Success of Omo brand from marketing strategies in Thai market contrbuted to more profit for Omo brand in competitive market as current. I actually. Introduction

In several years, overall economy of Vietnam is more and even more improving, and so the sale and exchange of good is more significant in cultural life. Consumers have many choice for what they wish to buy, have sufficient oppuntunities to locate a appropriate merchandise with fair price. And we also be aware that when a company has held the heads of consumers, the ultimate aim is keep their heart. This is correct for OMO Detergent, global brand of Unilever group in the Vietnamese industry. That's probably the most important thing fascinated us to master and study about this product. There are many researches shown that Unilever's progressive marketing strategy is the different promoting approach followed by the Indian additional, Hindustan Button to create and market a low cost consumer brands in the detergent line to compete with well-known domestic brand which enabled them to get a thirty-six percent in the laundry detergent part alone (Bloch, Shankar and Schaus, 2007). Researchers show that through appropriate sales strategies, companies can easily increase and improve the useful their customers, similar to the web marketing strategy adopted simply by Unilever to increase its customer base (Bang and Sharad, 2008). Unilever introduces global brands only after the using a local organization to popularize the brand within a given industry or part, and this approach has been extremely fruitful for the company in the launch with the Omo manufacturer, in the Chinese language market (Arnold and Quelch, 1998) Little rereach continues to be done in topic advantages and disadvantages of OMO. Although many studies have been carried out on info on marketing strategies in lots of country, there may be available on sales strategies of Omo brand in Vietnamese industry. The purpose of this research confirmed success of maketing tricks of Omo brand in Thai market. Is actually hoped that information on this study might useful for marketing plans in future of enterprise seek to build a strong brand.

2. Method

1 ) Method

The study was generally carried out in two significant districts in Hб»“ ChГ­ Minh City- Tan Binh District and District a few. Instruments on this paper were observation and survey (questionnaire). The subjects are mostly middle-aged and dynamic persons around the age range of twenty-five to forty, woman official or regular folks.. Observations had been conducted by three market in region 5 include in: Kim Muy bien market, A great Dong market and Bronze Binh marketplace in Bronze Binh section. A total of 200 replications questionaires were sent to at random for people which include in: 150 copies had been delivered to employees of supermarkets in three market, 50 copies were delivered to housewives in Bronze Binh section. All Accumulated data was digitalized and statistics were created using Ms В® Excel В® and IBM В® SPSS. installment payments on your Materials

The observations were conducted to get the percentage of customers went to market, which points made a great dicision and things could easily get their focus when they choose any product. The viewpoints of customers had been collected by questionnaire and interview. The questionnaire engaged two parts: personal information and research details. The personal details part was designed to collect a lot of private...

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