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Upravo sada Kalo – The place with a Difference


SadaKalo, one of the renowned style houses in the country, solely depends on two colors black and white colored, just as thier name implies. Their boutique demands on showing apparel and accessories in only these two colours, giving them a distinctive edge over other vogue houses. Lately, we lay down with their business analyst, Mr Muntasir Mahmud, to get some insight on their background their the latest activities.

The organization began due to vision of their own, Mrs Tahfina Shahin, ultimately causing the conception of a store that has been around for almost ten years. After facing the usual economical difficulties any firm encounters during its inception, ShadaKalo took full flight upon 4 March 2002.

Regarding Sadakalo

Style is a a part of daily life. The effort of a developer is to make a feeling of unexpressed desire- that is after a custom made designs some thing a fashion conscious individual will need to say to him, That is the things i wanted?. Keeping all these in mind, Sadakalo can be designing its dresses and all other products, as well as, looking to keep up with the flavor of fashion mindful people.

In October some, 2002, Sadakalo was officially launched for Rifles Square in a small range outlet good results . full of expectation and pleasure. Within a small amount of time, Sadakalo was blessed by the love and inspiration of each and every level of customers, which well guided to the starting of the second branch in Banani even before ending of one year from the first Outlet. The constant eagerness of the people in Sadakalo appreciated us to start out the third branch at the theatrical region of Baily Highway and the next and the major outlet " Designer's Corner" at Gulshan Avenue. Down the line Sadakalo offers extended it's additional retailers in uttara dated in 14 Apr 2008, Bashudhora dated about 13february 2009 and last in Navana Baily Star dated in 8 06 2009 simply by turns.

Sadakalo has put it's step from household market to America. From the point of the views Sadakalo is the Initial Bangladeshi Men sneakers has lunched it's wall plug in Nyc. Sadakalo start's it's business operation in New York went out with 14 February with a inauguration program placed at night time 6 evening in Jackson heights New York. With the eagerness of household and expatriate buyer Sadakalo has ten outlet. sadakalo expects would like and bless form almost all.


The trend house is quite well proven in Dhaka, making their very own current seek to move into other regions of the region. They already have a single showroom in Chittagong therefore steps are now taken to grow into Sylhet, Khulna and Rajshahi. After acquiring a good foothold in Bangladesh, ShadaKalo is looking forward to expand in another country, preferably in India. They may only concentrate on two hues but the intention and concepts with which they will execute their particular designs happen to be exceptional. ShadaKalo has considered great strides within the last few years, and in addition they definitely don't appear to be they're anywhere near finished with their grayscale white. That they try to movement a very distinct fashion style in Bangladesh. They find out bangle people like to ware very simple dresses. From that pondering they started SHADA KALO.

The reason as to the reasons should virtually any customer go for a Sada Kalo product is that the fashion house would not believe in focusing on only one group of its potential customer or a particular era group- via babies' clothing to garments for the, you ask these people and they have it all! A store does not believe in any categorization but if the sociable class can be taken into consideration, then Sada Kalo caters exclusively to the needs of middle-income generating people. Yet, their true niche lies in the wonderful cloth quality and the models that are nothing less than becoming diverse. Wide selection in designs is such key point for their grocer...