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Alessandro Larosa English Advanced Mrs Purvis Journey dissertation

Question 1

" A strong human spirit is important for a physical journey” Is this your perspective?

Write a influential response discussing representations of journeys in the texts. In your response, label your approved text (Robert Frost poems) and Another related text message of your own choosing. A strong individual spirit is a crucial component of virtually any form of voyage, but essential to a physical journey. Consists of awareness, insight, understanding and judgment, a powerful human spirit enables yourself to get over an barrier or modify a situation with variable circumstances to achieve the most effective outcome. These qualities of the strong human spirit are represented in Robert Frost Poetry and Harper Lee's ‘To Kill A Mocking Bird' through a variety of techniques, quotes and characters. The Human spirit can be seen from various perspectives. Theses perspectives differ from person to person, yet a popular definition even now stands. Others have different meanings which they imagine and adhere to. This scenario is usually represented in Robert Frost's journey composition, " Mending wall. ” The theme of the poem is we all create limitations between us for simply no rational explanation. This is the idea which Robert Frost offers incorporated into the personas point of view. In full contrast, the neighbours opinion is, " good fences make very good neighbours, ” he views the wall structure as a need for a very good relationship. This mentality is definitely not first, to the persona it is " his dad's saying” and is deemed like a thoughtless irrational belief. Not discussed in the poem, the neighbour powerfully thinks it is better for individuals to mind their particular business also to respect the privacy more, the wall structure being the physical support for this attitude. Although the topic is dominating, we as the audience must look over and above. Have they had a dispute apart from the wall itself? Not any problems among each other, consequently they make very good neighbours. May it...