Retorhical Argument

 Retorhical Debate Essay

Zoe Mojica

Ryan Grandik

English language Comp. II

February twenty-seven, 2013

Rhetorical Analysis (why violent games are good for girls)

Student Carmen Tieu, in her opinionated article, " So why Violent Video Games are good pertaining to Girls” expounds upon the concept violent video gaming are good for ladies. Tieu clarifies that chaotic video games increase confidence in women. The lady goes further more on to admit it makes aware of different socialization operations of men and women. Tieu commences by showing a short tale about her gaming lifestyle. She is trying to give you a look into her mind regarding being a young lady playing first person shooting games. She begins to reveal that folks00 are socialized differently by using the aggressive chatting being done before the game begins. Tieu addresses to us in this manner to assist us encounter what it is want to be a woman and to end up being playing the violent first-person shooting game titles. The way she actually is saying this makes it seem as though all guys playing these games most act in such ways. The way that Tieu tells her tale in the 1st paragraph gives us a far more biased or more sympathetic impact to her trigger. After Tieu finishes her first person perspective of the capturing games, your woman begins to declare girls are socialized in to more docile activities. The language of the text message that the writer is employing is trying to help you more sympathetic towards her goal of the paper. Her word choice is meant not merely for you to become sympathetic but to cause vexation. Tieu demonstrates how contemporary society thinks that women shouldn't and can't play video games by saying they " objectify women” plus the " violent” nature " repulses” girls. Tieu creates this strengthen by expressing " Girls are socialized into activities that enhance togetherness and talk, certainly not high intensity competition involving fantasized shooting and killing. ” Tieu is constantly on the explain that girls can perform, and be as good since men in violent video games. Carmen Tieu says that playing first person shooting video games are...