Racisim in Athletics

 Essay in Racisim in Sports


Spring 200720050383

Valerie A. Taşıran

Second Draft

Racism in Sports activities

In the modernized and global world of today, it is necessary for individuals to get rid of their particular prejudices and pay attention to to value differences. Racism should be removed from all areas of lifestyle, including sports. Sport is supposed that bring people from different backgrounds together to contend in equivalent conditions and supply interactions most notable. No matter which region and ethnicity an sportsman is from, once they are in an foreign competition, almost all should have equal rights. The only factor must be their abilities and success. However , there are numerous cases the moment sportsmen or sportswomen confront prejudices for their ethnicity. As well as times when opportunities for them to select their job and become successful are limited because of their race. Although it is difficult to confirm acts of racism in sports, athletes show their very own reaction simply by letting government bodies know about this, or speaking with the press about the discrimination they face. The aim of sports must be providing equal opportunities for anyone and a peaceful ambiance where persons cooperate and compete at the same time. It should not give unequal rights and opportunities to a group because of their contest while disregarding and discriminating another group. In this daily news, the aim is usually to examine a defieicency of racism in sports and prove that it is in destroying levels for sportsmen that face that. First, traditional facts and general details will be presented about the effects of discrimination in sports. Then, cases of racism in sports will be analyzed by related good examples. Finally, it can be concluded that specialists are not successful in getting rid of racism in sports and this damages professions of athletes and players who deal with it. Some people who help to make racist motions are sport fans. Golf club owners discover them as a source of income. In the event that they punish these supporters they will gain less money after that before. For that reason they are scared of punishing these people. The sport players and players, who face to racism in the sport areas, dropped their interest to sport. Some of them are not able to carry this pressure and had to leave the workplace earlier.

Racism has always been a controversial concern throughout the background. Many disputes

have been built on the issue of racism and sport. Jarvie & Reid (1997) focus in their article

on the area of sport and racism. They declare that the " European mental constructions of

racism have often been applied within a devastating manner in the field of sport” (Jarvie & Reid,

97, p. 211). In the other words, racism that appeared in European countries is began to appear in the sport fields, also. So , the historical improvements on discrimination have also influenced sports. Jarvie & Reid (1997) further more claim that conversations on racism lead to numerous racist philosophy about sporting skills of individuals. The early research on racism between twenties and sixties in America taken notice of discrimination against black persons. In South Africa, during 1948, apartheid acquired emerged. In the period, sport was seen as: " functionally supportive of and integral to a multi-racial South African world in which a plurality of organizations competed inside the framework of apartheid” (Jarvie & Reid, 1997, g. 213). S. africa at that time needed to be unfair, racist and ideological at the time because of the external demands. This ideology regulated engagement in sport. It said that even though sport has a kind of freedom, it included " racial segregation and racial discrimination” (Jarvie & Reid, 1997, p. 213). Writers in South Africa at that time believed the fact that racism in sports could be eliminated by external stresses. In 1960s and 1971s other initiatives were made to clarify race and race associations. One was your work of John Rex, who stated that race relations brought on different teams to be located in social couchette. For example , because of discrimination, blacks were set...