Progressive Change Era

 Essay on Progressive Reform Era

Jenna Krantz

HST 202

Chapter 5

In the beginning, " The Maison craze would not arise within a cultural vacuum pressure, but was one expression of a boarder imaginative movement at the turn of the century called Arts and Crafts" (110). In the nineteenth century, the Progressive reform era marketed simple new styles. As the era progressed society changed living styles. Although did they keep them conservative or significant? " The Bungalow's appeal was also related to dramatic changes ruling women at the end of nineteenth century" (111). The supporters of the Bungalow style of architecture had been radical due to progression or perhaps era, and simplicity that proceeded during society.

Progress concerns how well all of us appreciate creature and intend to uphold almost everything or structures. In other words, keeping it nice conservative. Gustav Stickley explains why custom was not suitable, " To preserve these features and to restore to individuals life and operate the strong constructive nature which over the last half-century features spent the activities in commercial and industrial enlargement, is, in a nut-shell, the Craftsmen idea" (123). Traditions was not sufficient. People in twentieth most had kudos to uphold. Stickley promises, " Which the influence of the home is of the first importance in the framing of persona is a simple fact too very well understood and too generally admitted to become offered here as a new" (123). That they needed to align thier standards and alter their household furniture and new home design and style.

Before the period had advanced, traditional house designs had been very simple, nevertheless also too much. Because people organised on to there traditions that they could have been regarded as hoarders. Stickleys suggests, " We need to straighten out our standards and to remove a lot of rubbish that we have accumulated along with our prosperity and industrial supremacy" (123). Again he explains, " Therefore we all regard it as by least a step in the direction of causing...