Philippine Authorities

 Philippine Federal government Essay

Donnalea L. Nablea AB=II Date: 03 20, 2013 Subject: Philippine Government and Constitution


* Backdrop of Citizenship= Citizenship is one of the article of the Philippine Constitution or the Next (4) Document. It says here that the citizenship can be loss, re-acquire, or naturalized depend on your decision of a citizen. The citizenship is known as a law that shows, it should be followed legitimately. * Background of Suffrage= Suffrage means the right to political election. Article Six (6) with the Philippine Metabolic rate is a law that displays the process of doing exercises the avis in the Philippines. Exercised by the people who are for least 18 years old over, and signed up in the COMELEC.



* Section 1= easily simplify that the authentic citizens inside the Philippines that in nationality it is adopting the Filipino Constitution, the two parents are citizens also in the Philippines, and naturalized, which means there are already a decision in the court because acquiring the Nationality. * Section 2= those who are natural born in the Philippines particularly saying equally parents are natural Filipinos to ensure that there is no need to perform to act or perhaps acquire citizenship. * Section 3= that citizenship may be loss or re-acquired again by the time you wish to. Depending on the way provided by legislation. * Section 4= if a pure Philippine married a great alien they can preserve or will keep his/her nationality, unless by the time he/she wants to change it. They may be deemed or judge, under the law to prenounced this. * Section 5= dual citizenship is unfavorable, cause it might danger the place especially in the government, when ever public security recquired, it shall be treated by the regulation


5. Section 1= suffrage or perhaps voting must be done by the Philippine Citizen who have are legally registered inside the COMELEC in addition to his legal age (18) eighteen years of age above and shall are in the Philippines for at least one year and the...