High school scholar Greg Harris, also known as Throw, struggles with family, tradition, and talent. Slam is an excellent basketball person, and golf ball is his top priority; however , he offers difficulty as being a team player and is also searching for his place in institution and in his family. He has transported from Carver, a primarily black, low socio-economic, and neighborhood college, to Latimer, a white, upper socio-economic, and magnetic high school. While basketball season approaches, Throw thinks his life will be better. However among failing mathematics and fighting with his coach, Slam simply cannot seem to retain his video game together upon or off of the court. For the court, he grapples together with the coach, a superstar attitude, teammate problems, and more. Off of the court, he's trying to cope with a declining grandmother, his best friend probably dealing prescription drugs, a appreciate interest, and an alcohol addiction father. By using family, close friends, and an assistant instructor, Slam begins to get the main issue.

Walter Leader Myers provides you into the world of Harlem as well as the struggles of life together with his Coretta Jeff King Award-winning book, Throw!

Gregory " Slam” Harris is a talented field hockey player with big dreams, but he has plenty of obstacles to overcome. He also has many choices to make in his life. By using his sweetheart, Matisha, his teachers, and his family, Slam just might generate it.

Slam lives for basketball and wants to enjoy college ball, but his grades are slipping fantastic parents don’t have enough money to send him to a good school. Although Slam believes everyone is trying to bring him down, he is determined to show that he could be capable of great achievements. Slam wants to persuade all that they can make some thing of him self and get them to all proud. He would like people to find out his name and what he can known for, which is basketball. Just like Slam says, " Hockey is living. ”

Throw reminds me of myself when he finds out that if he doesn't bring his grades up, he may have to stop playing basketball. I can correspond with...