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For this comprehensive study that involved a thorough brand audit of Olpers, we have a large number of people to end up being thankful to. However , first and foremost, we appreciate the Luminous Allah to get giving us the mental and physical strength to satisfy this huge task as well as for opening up strategies for us if the task available seemed hard to accomplish. Out of your numerous people we wish to thank, we wish to first of all extend the immense gratitude towards Doctor Kamran Siddiqui for being the teacher and so, our never ending guide during this course " Brand Management” and this task. We are as well really grateful to Mister. Atiq Khan, the Brand Administrator of Olpers and other associates of the Olpers brand staff that presented us with highly useful information regarding Olpers the brand name and the various branding and marketing strategies utilized for it. In addition we would like to thank all the survey participants who were respectful enough to provide us coming back filling out each of our questionnaires and answering each of our questions in consumer selection interviews. Out of the people we would especially love to thank your new chance not to be alone living in Protection who were well mannered enough to demonstrate interest in each of our Olpers concentrate group and came and provided all of us with remarkably useful ideas regarding Olpers.

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This kind of report is definitely developed to analyze the brand tracking for the packaged milk brand Olpers in the Pakistaner Market. Olpers is still a relatively new brand which is facing competition from rivalling brands entering and already existing in the market. The report aims to identify how a life of Olpers has been so far in tackling competition as well as changing the mindsets of people to begin using manufactured milk and move away from loose unclean one.


The study is definitely conducted as part of our Manufacturer Management Training course in order to better understand the branding strategies for your own brand of manufactured milk just like Olpers along with determine the guiding factors in planning to position a packaged dairy brand in a country where norm is usually to consume loose unbranded milk. The study as well focuses on how a brand Olpers has created its communications and devised it is marketing and logos strategies to separate itself from the other packaged dairy brands.


The target marketplace for this brand is SEC A & B specifically females because they are the order decision makers. The target companies are assumed to be found in the urban areas of Pakistan particularly Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad.

installment payments on your RESEARCH TECHNIQUE:


In order to get the insights through the target market of the brand; the perception of Olpers in heads of nearly all people as well as nonusers, a research is definitely conducted to find the different brand features and product features along with the consumer associations.

installment payments on your 2RESEARCH QUESTIONS:

The main results from the study will response the following concerns: * Precisely what is the brand call to mind of Olpers (aided as well as un-aided)?

2. Where Olpers stand among the other Manufactured Milk brands? * What is the brand devotion of Olpers?

* What are the different manufacturer perceptions regarding Olpers on the market? * Precisely what are the different company associations of Olpers available in the market? 2 . a few RESEARCH STRATEGY:

2 . three or more. 1 Qualitative:

In order to attain reliable and insightful qualitative data we all conducted a focus group on Olpers having a group of 5 to 6 housewives. This kind of enabled each of our respondents being open about their opinions and also to discuss them freely because they were not restricted to particular questions or a formatting like they are in a set of questions. This target group enabled us to achieve detailed details regarding not merely the interactions housewives have of Olpers but as well about their expectations from the company and how they would recommend it might be improved. In addition, the questionnaire too had a few qualitative questions which usually we left open ended to consumers in...