Mrs Phillips

 Mrs Phillips Essay


Drawing on suitable evidence from Chapter 5, describe how groups may influence people in confident and in negative ways.

This essay is going to draw about evidence coming from chapter 5, 'Starting with Psychology'. Using this we can look at 3 experiments, ' Robbers Cave experiment' spoors et. ing., (2011). Then to look at 'Asch's experiment' spoors et. ing., ( 2011). Lastly all of us will look by 'Kondo's Story' spoors et. al., (2011). In turn all of us will identify how group membership features influenced individuals thoughts, emotions and behavior in positive and in unfavorable ways. We all will provide proof to support these kinds of influences. 'First, to attract on the great and negative influences of Robbers Cave experiment'. spoors et. 's., (2011). Kids were divided into two groups, both groupings as expected conformed to group membership. The groups showed positive impacts with behavior by cohering and confirmed involvement in norms of behaviour, evidence of this was the sharing of jokes and secret requirements given in spoors et. ing., (2011). However , a competition was set up between groups, this kind of had a adverse influence around the groups behavior and emotions towards one another. The groups loyalty and solidarity degenerated and the organizations once great behaviour changed into negative hatred. Evidence of this is with term calling, the groups became prejudice and considerably hostile to one another. given in spoors ou. al., (2011). Although sportsmanship had obviously degenerated between groups, confident behaviour and group account was at its height inside the groups. given in spoors ou. al., (2011) The experimenters manipulated the group scenario further, activities that were launched proved to get a positive impact on the thoughts and actions of equally groups, data shows the groups again became co-operative with one another and worked collectively. given in spoors et. approach., (2011). This was a positive impact on their group membership. (2)

'Second, to draw for the positive...