Motivation Address

 Motivation Address Essay




1 . It gives me enormous pleasure to stand before you while you are fresh, energetic, keen and most notably you would be the future of India, my motherland. It is you who have to carry the anstandig now and guide the nation towards expansion and progress. As people do foresee that India – a future Super Electricity, is because of youngsters like you, whom are patriotic, honest, have zeal and may to do a thing better to add in the process. " Kar Gujarne Ki Tammana Aaaj Hamare Dil Myself Hai” – must be burning up inside you – with this May We ask you, how many of you have decided what profession might you choose.

Selection of profession & why

installment payments on your Okay, May possibly I now question you concerning how most of you are interested in getting started with the armed forces? Some might believe on my question seriously and few might believe that I have found motivate one to join forces. Simply no, I am here to give you a correct photo of military as a job with special emphasis on my own Corps ie Army Educational Corps. Military is the just profession which is completely different from all other professions therefore you know why? It is because sense to it . a sacred aim to provide the motherland besides inculcating a sense of high discipline, patriotism and the feeling of `Janani Janma Bhumischa (SWARGADAPI) Gariyasi' – (Mother & Motherland happen to be sacred compared to the heaven). What Army gives?


It instructs us willpower, oneness and broadens the horizons & keeps all of us healthy in body, mind & spirit. The spend & incentives are at equiparable and even greater than what one can possibly afford outdoors with so much of respect and self fulfillment. You are there to secure the country & in turn it provides security on your family and as well you carry the pride of serving the nation with bravery and excitement.

Minimum risk factor in AEC

3. You now may talk of risk – risk of your life, very true, but can you show me an inch of area where there is no risk of your life on this the planet. There is a risk even when you will be riding a bike, a car or trip by teach, bus or by surroundings. Risk was there possibly in the world control tower, therefore it is everywhere & should not subject much. AEC is, I believe the least high-risk place, mainly because our function is Education in Armed service, however , we've been an important branch of Army as five years.

Past customs

4. The offr adopts the chetwode credo of IMA: -–

The Safety, Honour, Welfare of your country comes first always each time,

The safety of men you command comes next,

Your Own ease comfortableness safety comes last usually and every time.

5. A lot of unfamiliar young patriotic soldiers set down all their lives struggling with against the decided Japanese military during Community War-II. With the famous battle memorial Kohima, A IInd world battle battle fd, the rub written for all of us is: --

" When you go home inform them of us and say all of them that to your tomorrow we gave our to-day”. 6. Pay, Advantages and other services.

(a)We strive for principles and not belongings, which in the end helps in the self upliftment of a person and self satisfaction. To your info the great pay scales for defence forces are as under: - Officials are in the beginning commissioned since Lt in the pay scale of Rs 8250-300-10050 with DA at present to benefits just like concessional accommodation, free medical facilities, LTC, 60 days annual leave, twenty days casual leave, canteen facilities, titled ration as per scale etc . Army Group Insurance supplies insurance cover of Rs almost 8 lacs for the Gentlemen cadets of IMA and OTA from the date of signing up for these Acadamies for pre-commission training. Individuals who happen to be medically boarded out during training at IMA/OTA because of disability, the cover provided is 50% of the covered amount to get 100% handicap, i. electronic Rs 4 lacs intended for 100% disability proportionately reduced to Rs 80, 000/- for 20% and Rs 20, 000/- for less than...