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MGT 315 – 8/27/2014


Business office Hours:

Monday: 1: 30-2: 30 EVENING

Review of the Syllabus


8 Total, 5 Concerns each

More than assigned psychic readings only.

Lowest quiz dropped


six total studies, about half an hour each.

These are due by 1 PM on Mondays.

Submitted by way of D2L

Simply no late syndication accepted

Technical difficulties are certainly not a valid reason.

Recitation Parts

Recitation Actions

Applying HR/OB to a make believe business

3 Cases

three or more Brief Delivering presentations

Details to be provided by TAs

Attendance is essential.

Research Necessity

3-hour study requirement

Two Options:

Take part in research conducted by Department of Management. Sign-ups will certainly pop up during semester, no advance planning required. Create 5-page survey on scientific article.


All questions/concerns about the course – direct toward TA 1st. Grading – 800 Items

Exams (150 Pts every * 3)

8 Quizzes – 70 Pts

Attendance – 40 Pts

Group Surveys – 18 Pts

Recitation Actions – 169 Pts

Course Overview

Imagine past co-workers:

How a large number of have had a bad one?

What did that person do?

What should the boss or corporation done in different ways?

Bad co-staffs are hrm mistakes:

If he or she have been chosen? (selection)

Perform they know they are poor? (performance management)

Are they determined? (job design/leadership)

Can they be trained? (training)

Supporting them get ways to be good employees…


Policies, procedures, and devices that affect employee perceptions and performance. Organizational Behavior

The study of individuals and groups in organizations and exactly how their perceptions and behaviors affect organizational performance Quite simply: If you have the best HRM and OB techniques in your market, you will have the very best people in the industry. The Science of HRM/OB

How do we increase management?

Through scientific research and study.

Through right management schooling (like this kind of class)

By emphasizing the hyperlink between HRM/OB and overall organizational performance. Before all of us talk about research, some terminology:

Number of findings (n)

How many people were mixed up in study?

For the size of the U. S., you need about 300 semi-random sampled. Relationship coefficient (r)

How related two variables are?

-1 to 1, a lot more close to the 1 ) The more robust the relationship. Percent of variance explained (r^2)

Makes it a percent.

Consider research that have been found in the healthcare industry:

What is the correlation among ibuprofen employ and decrease in pain? Response = 0. 14 (1. 96% of variance explained) – (n=8488)

What is the correlation between antihistamine make use of and decreased runny nose area and coughing? Answer = 0. 10 (1. 21% of difference explained) – (n=1023)

It is hard to obtain consistent comes from people.

What is the relationship between drinking alcohol and aggression? Answer = 0. 3 (5. 29% of difference explained) – (thousands of observations over 47 diverse studies) Precisely what is the correlation between cigarette smoking and lung cancer?

Answer = 0. 08 (0. 64% of variance explained) – (n=3956)

The number one reason for lung relationship.

Now, think about HRM/OB studies?

What is the correlation between scores upon selection assessments and work performance? Response = zero. 27 (7. 3% of variance explained) – (thousands of observations over 138 studies) What is the correlation between sociable conformity pressure and providing intentionally wrong information? Answer = zero. 42 (17. 6% of variance explained) – (n=4, 627)

Biggest contributor to lying can be social conformity pressure.

Why do we tend to have confidence in the results of the medical studies, and never the effects of these HRM/OB studies? Does HRM/OB subject?

None with this science is very important unless HRM/OB policies have an effect for the overall performance of the organization. A report of HRM/OB practices

Execs in 968 firms taken care of immediately questions about their HRM/OB practices. Data in turnover, revenue, and stock price were collected pertaining to...