Martial Law

 Martial Legislation Essay

FEB 25, BERLIN---The Philippine Charge and the Filipino community in Berlin famed the 26th anniversary of the 1986 EDSA People Electricity revolution, simply by reliving the vivid memory space of the historic event. Nevertheless many of the Filcom members had been too far abroad at the time, that they reminisced the idea of how the EDSA spirit inspired other countries to aspire for their independence, including the persons power that led to the Fall of the Berlin wall structure in October 1989.

The commemoration was symbolically prescribed a maximum by a Peoples' Dialogue on the embassy with various leaders via different agencies that was attended simply by no less than Undersecretary for Politics Affairs Jose Luis Martin " Chito” Gascon, who was invited by Embassy since guest presenter representing President Benigno Aquino III.

Usec. Gascon was at Berlin to go to conferences in environment and climate alter and a seminar between experts upon Philippine governmental policies, sponsored by German groundwork Friedrich Naumann Stiftung (FNS).

Ambassador Natividad reveals the Embassy's accomplishments in December 2011 and January 2012 and upcoming events to the associates of the Philippine Community in Germany, 25 February 2012. An active supporter for difference in his youngsters then, Usec. Gascon were recalled his own personal experiences through the EDSA People Power in year 1986. He emphasized EDSA's " legacy of freedom and democracy” and how it influenced a series of related " People Power” revolutions in other regions of the world, such as the dismantling from the Berlin wall structure and the reunification of East and Western world Germany in 1989.

Gascon communicated the message of Leader Aquino that even though EDSA 1986 happened higher than a quarter century ago, the revolution remains unfinished. While EDSA 1986 restored democracy, the fruits of democracy remain unattained to many Filipinos, he discussed.

He then exhorted everyone to accomplish their particular share in supporting the President in his many applications,...