Brand Persona of Bajaj Pulsar

 Brand Individuality of Bajaj Pulsar Essay


Brand persona is the attribution of man traits and characteristics towards the brand name, to be able to relate the personality of brand name with a possible customer and thereby improve the brand value. I have methodized my task in the subsequent manner:

In part one We would define and examine the concept of brand persona and the particular human qualities that can be connected with a particular brand.

Second component will include the association and evaluation of traits with my selected brand. And

Third portion would be regarding the challenges faced by the marketer of my picked brand.

Portion one:

Meaning and Concept of Brand Campaign:

" Personality” something attached to human beings identifies the mixture of emotions, perceptions and manners that an individual attribute. Although as " Brand” typically associated with the services or products means a name, term, design, image or any different feature that differentiates one product or services through the other. Manufacturer personality hence may be understood to be the way the manufacturer behaves or perhaps represent alone. It means to associate a persons personality traits and characteristics with all the brand in order to achieve uniqueness. The attribution of personal mother nature or human characteristics to brand is usually brand individuality. From a customer's perspective it's a means for them to exhibit their personas and determine and define their life style through materials possession. Manufacturer personality is the outcome of two important elements, the particular marketer would like the customers to believe and feel about the brand and what clients actually believe and experience the brand. Manufacturer personality is different from manufacturer image; although brand image represents the physical and functional facets of the brand the manufacturer personality is definitely associated with the emotional aspect of this. Brand individuality plays an essential role in development of brand equity. The brand name personality is definitely something linked to the main consumers in the product. This depicts their nature and way of understanding. It produces the relationship that a customer provides with the manufacturer. However it should be noted that brand persona not only is definitely associated with the personality traits but also includes demographic aspects like era, gender or perhaps class. Most of the personality of brand name is disseminated through the portions of marketing blend Product, Value, Place and Promotion.

Advertising and marketing plays a major role in development and communication of brand name personality. For instance , Idea and Airtel, Thought advertisements will be associated with ground breaking ideas to decrease pollution to see new ways in order to avoid environment so that it accounts into a caring, imaginative, observant and motivating personality traits. However Airtel on the other hand come with an advertising campaign that is certainly associated with the junior which is generally motivated by social networks and is internet smart, thus the traits that could be associated with the company are larger social curiosity, friendly, keen, candid and so forth similarly symbols and trademarks have an timeless impact on buyers to call to mind the product, hence even they could be used to showcase and talk brand persona. Like LIC uses hands as its logo which signifies safety, UTI has kalash as it is considered sacred and signals good things. Also the slogans as well as the taglines also plays an important role in communicating the personality how brand wants to convey to its buyers example Aston martin uses the tagline " electric power, beauty and sole”, Mahindra Scorpio " nothing else will do” symbolizes ruggedness, Nike just do it signifies excitement. Brand ambassadors have a huge impact on development of brand picture. So deciding on a right celebrity having the similar persona becomes crucial or else the complete campaign will probably be of not any impact. A few of the traits connected with various brands:

* Bajaj pulsar Stamina, powerful and strong character. * Titan...

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