Les Mis Final Dissertation

 Les Mis Final Composition

Anthony Hanahan

Mr. Scott

Sophomore British Honors several

24 Mar 2012

The Turmoil of Neglect

A Chinese saying once explained "[g]overn a family group as you could cook a little fish -- very gently. ” A life without family allegiance may deliver man straight down, but the way man snacks this situation determines the outcome of their life. Many cases of child overlook occur every day and nothing is performed to help these children. Because of this, these kids live their particular whole lives alone because they under no circumstances had any family presently there for them. This is also shown in the novel Les Miserables throughout the characters Marius and Eponine. Hugo demonstrates the idea of disregard through the lack of family devotion and shows how person can work through it. In Victor Hugo's amaranthine vintage, Les Miserables, neglect plus the lack of friends and family allegiance is portrayed while the immortal force that triggers man to resort to desperation to experience loved; throughout " Carnation girl, 16, found starved to 48 pounds” Mike Carter consistently advances the concept of the effects of child neglect in the current contemporary existence. We like a society need to allow more opportunities of love for neglected children; in Les Mis the problem of disregard is solved through seeking the love more. In L'ensemble des Mis the first instance of overlook is with Marius.

Whilst working with being fatherless and detested by his grandfather, Marius struggles to find love in the life. Marius is a child who has were living most of his life along with his grandfather, but as Marius ages his thoughts start to change to those of his grandfather, Gillenormand's. Consequently, Marius becomes more aggressive to Gillenormand, who eventually kicks Marius out. Marius is feeling neglect with this situation for the reason that only relatives he provides ever noted no longer wants to see him. This feeling of neglect acquired Marius " ready to dissolve into tears. It seemed to him that he had merely lost his soul” (Hugo 296). Below Marius is definitely starting to understand the importance of family allegiance. The consequences of neglect will be dawning in him and he is brought to tears, displaying that he needs this in his lifestyle. Without the only family she has ever had, Marius realizes his life has come to nothing. Even though Gillenormand attempts to keep in touch, Marius refuses since his satisfaction gets in the way. Through the time that Marius hails from neglect, it's the worst time of his live. Without his family life has become a poor struggle that his influenced him to poverty. Nothing at all seems great to him anymore every day is challenging. He is starving of hope and pleasure as a result of this kind of neglect. Over the " five years Marius had lived in poverty” he realized his life was drifting to " privation… distress even” (290). The various years of overlook have taken a critical toll in Marius. The term privation shows that the not enough family may even be eliminating Marius. Hugo is demonstrating that person simply cannot function without relatives or take pleasure in in his existence. Even though Marius has the choice to go back along with his grandfather, his stubborn and arrogant individuality will not let him. Marius' desolation, however , grows as the story progresses. This individual develops loving a woman called Cosette. Marius does not find out this girl, yet he feels he is deeply in love with her. This is caused by his many loveless numerous years of neglect. Following Marius views Cosette the first time in half a year, she seems to have " put on a mantle of beauty” (291). This is displaying how the disregard has finally made Marius snap and he locates he needs to love an individual. The frustration for appreciate drove Marius to essentially love the very first thing he saw, this getting Cosette. Hugo also shows the idea of this kind of undying overlook through the personality Eponine.

Although she is a family, Eponine is one of the most neglected Thenardier children and sometimes resorts to desperation to look for someone to take care of her. Having less love coming from her family essentially triggers Eponine to age at an exponential charge. Since she has no friends and family to appreciate her Eponine has become...