Laws of Leadership: Book Review

 Laws of Leadership: Book Review Essay


Making Extraordinary Leaders out of Ordinary Believers










The fall of 4, 2011

Towns, Elmer. The eight Laws of Leadership: Producing Extraordinary Leadrs out of Ordinary Believers. Lynchburg, VA: Church Development Institure, 1992. 115 Pp.

This review will attempt to expound within the 8 Laws and regulations of Command written by Doctor Elmer Villages. Towns shows this book as an effort to equip leaders and increasing leaders with essential equipment needed to be successful. He contains fast towards the premise of Dr . Lee Robertson that " Anything rises and falls upon leadership. ” Elmer Cities is the co-founder of Freedom University in which he serves as Vice-President and Leader of the University of Religion. This individual also placed the office of president on the Winnipeg Holy bible and Theology Institute in Winnipeg, Canada for several years. Below Towns' government, the college received its accreditation, paid off almost all debt, doubled its registration and placed a solid foundation for a theological seminary. He has authored and co-authored over 90 books that are listed in the Library of Congress, several listed in the Christian Booksellers Best Selling List; several becoming accepted since college textbooks, " The 8 Laws and regulations of Leadership” being one. He has also authored more than twenty reference packets pertaining to leadership education. Amongst other items he features served tirelessly as a dedicated Sunday institution teacher and has attained invaluable management experience in academia, operations and areas of education. This individual continuously contains seminars and lectures, supporting other frontrunners by writing his activities and perception. In this publication, Towns demonstrates how any person can be a head. It is not the positioning that makes the best choice but their capability to influence and relate to others. He establishes to successfully discuss " true leadership”, the type of leadership found in the brand new Testament as exemplified by simply Jesus and his disciples. The foundation of the book is to be utilized as a testing tool pertaining to existing and emerging market leaders alike to measure their leadership functions. He really does so by providing eight laws and regulations of leadership along with the health professional prescribed of how to effectively make use of them. THE eight LAWS

Regulation one: The Law of Dreams – An innovator must direct followers to a desirable aim. Towns claim that when people take up your dreams, they buy into your command. He uses several recommendations to illustrate this regulation, one staying the eye-sight of a better, whole, redeemed and provided people simply by Jesus. This vision damaged how Jesus responded to the people and his success in encouraging his disciples to continue his cause. He also employed Martin Luther King, Junior. as an example. He had a dream of your people that could be united in spite of the color with their skin. His dream motivated many to adopt a stand in spite of the numerous dangers that lied before them. A key towards the Law of dreams is that you must first can conceive " dream or envision” what you desire to happen before it truly happens. Dreams must not remain dreams; consequently , there has to be some type of setup plan essentially. Within this section the author supplies the reader with several functional tools and more laws to include in grooming their particular leadership designs.

Law Two: The Law of Rewards – The leader need to reward the ones that follow him. Towns claims " Frontrunners must find out why people do them so they can praise them. To the contrary, leaders should never reward the incorrect activities. Rewarding is a kind of affirmation that is certainly immeasurable and sure to cause very powerfulk results from those who follow. Law Three: The Law of Believability – This law states a leader will need to have a strategy that is accepted and believed simply by followers to be able to accomplish his or her goals. Trust is a essential component of this kind of law. Nevertheless , seemingly the leader is the...

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