Lab 5 Projectile Motion

 Lab 5 Projectile Action Essay


Lab 4 Projectile Motion

Claime Moua

Purpose: The purpose of this kind of lab was going to define what the initial speed of the ball when it is launched out of the water line. Our subsequent objective should be to determine in what angle that the ball will be ejected at the optimum range. Finally, we forecast and confirm the range prior to we launch the ball at a particular angle.

Theory: Charge motion in respect to Dr . James S i9000. Walker is defined as, " the motion of objects that are initially launched –or " projected”- and that then continue moving intoxicated by gravity alone” (82). Gravity is the single force working on the charge when in motion. You will discover two components to a velocity vector. The horizontal velocity component is the effect it has on shifting the projectile horizontally. However the straight component affects the velocity by simply moving the projectile top to bottom.

Treatment: To begin the lab set the launcher into a medium selection setting. All of us used co2 paper together with white newspaper to determine where the ball lands on the floor. We all then shot the ball at sides of 31, 35, 45, 45, and 50 certifications. We noted the distances after every single shot and determined that shooting the ball for 40 degrees gave all of us the maximum range. We held the launcher at a medium placing and taken the ball straight out 5 times and determined what the average selection was at this kind of degree. We used that data to ascertain that the first velocity was 4. 627 m/s. Subsequent we chose our own position which was twenty two degrees and predicted the range can be 2 . 57 meters. All of us then taken the ball 5 times and determined the typical range of air travel was several. 03 yards.

Maximum Range Table:

Viewpoint of Discharge

Range of Motion(m)


2 . 93


a few. 05

forty five

3. several


2 . 9


2 . seventy seven

Initial Velocity:

After capturing the ball straight out 5 times we all found the standard range that has been 2 . 2794 meters (our delta times value). All of us then tested the straight distance the fact that ball is catagorized which is 1 . 19 meters (our...