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The Betrayal of Julius Caesar"


" For presently there to be unfaithfulness, there would have to be trust first” -Susan Collins (Finest

Quotes). Inside the play Julius Caesar simply by William Shakespeare, one of the main themes is definitely betrayal. The meaning and relevance of betrayal in the play is a disregarding of trust by close friends. In the perform, this is performed for equally personal causes and political reasons. The title character, Julius Caesar, was obviously a great Both roman general who was idolized by the Roman persons. After turning down the overhead of Ancient rome three times, Caesar agreed to turn into king. Yet , before they can take the overhead, Caesar is usually betrayed simply by his closest friends, Cassius and Brutus, after trusting them for several years. Cassius, who had been jealous of Caesar, betrays his companionship with Brutus by effective him that Caesar experienced too much power. Brutus betrays his camaraderie with Caesar by thinking what Cassius has told him about Caesar being a dictator and going through together with the conspiracy to kill him. Brutus chosen to stab Caesar in the back again at the theatre of Pompey on the Ides of 03 (March 15), 44 BC. Brutus assumed what he is did was for the best for the people of Rome. Julius Caesar passed away for Ancient rome. "


The betrayal of Julius Caesar by simply Cassius was both politics and personal. That showed the

character of Cassius to get evil as he betrayed many people in the play. For personal reasons, Cassius is envious of Caesar and only desires to keep his wealth and lifestyle. Pertaining to political factors, Cassius desired control of the Roman empire (Burch). He knew that Caesar was obviously a good head and that the people liked him. He attempted to convince the individuals of The italian capital that Caesar was a master. He certain Caesar's buddy, Brutus, to get in on a conspiracy to kill him.

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He betrays Brutus by simply lying to him regarding letters Caesar sent him and feeling betrayed simply by Caesar following he preserved him...

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