Julius Caesar- Spin a landscape in modern times

 Julius Caesar- Rewrite a scene in modern times Essay

Parveen Charran

Backstory: Julius Caesar, an focused CEO of hotels in a highly competitive, tourist ridden area, is opening up a whole lot of his hotels which is in competition with the different hotel business owners. Cassius, Brutus, Cinna, Casca, Metullus, and Decius(conspirators) were almost all friends with Julius Caesar in school as they all had common plans to become CEO'S of their own hotel part and as as it happens, they are all within vicinity of every and are competition for one another. Cassius begins to see that, lately, Caesar came into existence vastly well-known in the place and he could be losing a lot of business, and realizes in the event that something basically done, every he did for goes down the pipes. As Cassius begins to carry out some research, he finds that Caesar provides refused to have anyone else support run the company should a thing happen to him, Cassius realizes that if perhaps he would have been to conspire against him and kill him, he can come back on top like he was ahead of Caesar truly makes it. Cassius is able to convince his aged college close friends to help him get the action done understanding they would do it as they have already been losing significant business too. Seems that individuals are willing to head to extreme procedures to make sure their business is definitely flourishing. Take action 4 Field 1

Antony: These are the people we're getting rid of. I've designated their names on the list. Octavius: (to Lepidus) You know we'll have to kill your sibling too, correct? Lepidus: We agree—

Octavius: Mark his name on the list as well then Antony.

Lepidus: Only when your sister's son, Publius, dies also, Mark Antony. Antony: He will probably. I've previously marked call him by his name on the list. But , Lepidus, head to Julius' house now. You should get his will, then simply we can figure out a way to reduce his bequests to a lot of the people inside the town. Lepidus: Are you going to become here when I get back?

Octavius: Either in this article or with the building in which Caesar's office is.

Lepidus Exits

Antony: Lepidus is usually an unremarkable man, he is only great for doing errands. Does it...