Intj Representation Paper

 Intj Representation Paper

Shelton one particular

William Electronic. Shelton III

Ms. Britney N. Orth



A Reflection of Myself

There not necessarily many persona tests on this planet that I would consider authentic, nevertheless the results which i gathered in the Jung Typology test were very accurate. My benefits concluded that my own personality type is INTJ. When assessed, this test out interprets i obtain distinctive qualities ranging equally at the top of the introverted and judging side, scoring a 67%. Also, my own results verified that I represent moderate intuitive traits finishing in a credit score of 25%, and a far expressed considering personality which has a score of 88%. To become quite genuine, I really did not learn very much about myself in the process of doing this evaluation. Even with the " on-the-money” results that we received, I used to be already aware about these characteristics that I have. Furthermore, the reason for this is probably because with the simple fact that I know We am an INTJ; INTJ's are predominately on the introverted side, and are also very " in-tune” using their bodies, learning exactly what they're made and capable of. This is the very same reason I actually wasn't also surprised while i read my own results possibly. However , the Jung Typology test, in the event carried out correctly, should break-down anyone's particular personality traits, this provides them outcomes that appear something like they will already see themselves. However ,, it could render results that may completely shock someone. During my case, We already understood what was approaching, yet another quality of the user-friendly and pondering style I use. I should have the ability to apply these kinds of results to my personal college career fairly conveniently for the very same reasons. Additionally , INTJ's can even be perceived as becoming cold-hearted. It really is sometimes hard for INTJ's to show Shelton 2

very much, if virtually any, sympathy pertaining to anything. For this reason, when dealing with family and class-mates I will have to change my ways slightly and show a bit empathy on their behalf. In conclusion, the Jung Typology Test is an extremely detailed...