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 Internship Record on Sebl Essay


The Jews in Jerusalem introduced a kind of banking in the form of money lending before the birthday of Christ. The term 'bank' was probably based on the word 'bench' as during ancient period Jews i did so money -lending business seated on lengthy benches. Initially modern bank was introduced in 1668 in Stockholm as 'Savings Pis Bank', which opened a new era of financial activities through the entire European Mainland. In the Southern region Asian region, early banking system was introduced by Afgan dealers popularly referred to as Kabuliwallas. Muslim businessmen by Kabul, Afganistan came to India and began money-lending business in exchange of interest sometime in 1312 A. Deb. They were called 'Kabuliawallas'. The financial system of Bangladesh contains Bangladesh Financial institution (BB) while the central bank, 5 nationalized industrial banks (NCB), and five government owned or operated specialized banking institutions, 30 home-based private financial institutions, 10 overseas banks and 28 non-bank financial institutions. The financial system also embraces insurance agencies, stock exchanges and cooperative banks The structure with the banking system has changed considerably over the last several years. NCBs' role has gone straight down. Their talk about in total resources went down from 54 percent more than a decade ago to forty percent in 2006. On the other hand, PCBs' share travelled up via 27 percent in 1998 to 43 percent in 2006. The change reflects adoption and implementation of recent policies intended for the bank sector. One particular important problem that the banking sector is definitely facing is definitely the introduction of information technology inside the banking program in an intense manner. This really is required to boost management efficiency, reduce operational cost, improve customer providers, and maximize transparency. Hence, the bank sector could play a vital role in the advancement the country and efficient and sound bank management might led the to reach with the highest maximum of success.

Rational with the study:

Together with the rapid growing competition (due to free of charge market economy) among nationalized, foreign and private commercial banking institutions as to the way the banks functions its banking operation and exactly how customer service can be made more appealing, the expectation of the clients has greatly increased. Reciprocating the belief, commercial/private banks are trying to raise their classic banking service to a better normal, to meet the challenging needs, demands. Side by side these financial institutions have now focused their interest towards diversification of their items for better performances and existence. Pertaining to the above conditions, it has become necessary for Southeast Traditional bank Ltd, one of the main commercial banks, to focus it is attention on the improvement of the customer service. Essential it is quite validated to make an in-depth research about their operation and evaluate the service provided by this bank and scope because of its improvement. The analysis may help creating policy regarding the ideas associated with the feelings in the customers and bankers. Furthermore, Southeast Financial institution Ltd professionals who are actually executing the policies taken on by the best management could have a chance to speak their feelings and will have feedback of their dealing from the customers.

Range of the Study:

Now with this global area the activities of commercial banking are extremely fast. This report can be an attempt to investigate the every day banking procedure of the Southeast Bank Ltd. The opportunity of the research is to assess the overall performance & marriage between Southeast Bank Ltd & Consumer on the yearly basis. Method:

The technique of the survey is stated below, that has been appropriately worked out in achieving the above stated objective. Principal data

Time period with the study:

For the fulfillment in the desired goal following business days are dedicate to various department: Southeast bank, Mohammadpur department, Mohammadpur, collage gate Dhaka Sources of Data collection:

The inputs are collected from two resources:...

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