Internship Dissertation

п»їMacedon Police Office

At my senior year in high school graduation, through my EMCC (Eastern Monroe Career Center) Boces program, my personal criminal justice teacher advised our category we were likely to intern 10-12 weeks anywhere in the field that people were interested in. I was acknowledged to intern with the Macedon Police Section. I traveled to my internships Monday through Friday via 8am until 10: 31 am. My main boss was Earl Lergner. He can a police officer that is responsible for the evidence holding chamber. He has to take evidence from the lockers and place that into the proof chamber and log the data. When Expert Lergner was training I would intern with the other representatives. I interned with Expert O'Konsky, Official Demchuck, and Officer Damato. I never got the chance to intern with Chief Colella. At first Primary didn't allow me to ride along with Police officer Damato, he was a new expert and the primary wanted to ensure I was secure. I rode along with Officer O'Konsky about 2 weeks out of the ten weeks I interned. My spouse and i rode with Officer Demchuck two times and Officer Damato once. I wasn't in order to ride with Officer Damato after that because he had gone 85 around a turn. The chief had gotten a little upset about that. Police officer O'Konsky and Officer Damato usually work the night move which goes from midnight until almost 8 am. Police officer Demchuck works from 4pm until midnight. I also obtained to meet Police officer Hall, Official Haines, Official Powell, and Sergeant Cooman, and Sheriff Danny. My spouse and i also fulfilled the Civilian Clerk from the department Tyler Robinson. I actually met many other officers and K-9 officials from other law enforcement departments like Newark, Syracuse, Palmyra, Gananda, and the Sheriff's office. Within my time at the police section, I frequented the Macedon Town Lounge and Palmyra Police Department. The Macedon Police Section used to certainly be a village office. The police division was founded about 8 to 10 years before when it became the town office. The chief of police is John Colella. He has been the law enforcement as 1990. This individual worked intended for the Seneca County Sheriff's office to get four years. He was nominated " officer of the year” two times. He transferred to the village of Clyde in which he spent eight years. Chief Colella in that case transferred to Macedon Police Office in the year 2003. In 2004 he was advertised to sergeant/ investigator. In 2008 he was then promoted to Chief of Police. I'm happy that Key Colella offered me the opportunity to ride along with his officers. Riding with the different officers gave me a chance to experience different methods they manage the conditions. Each officer has their very own way of doing everything. I have gotten to be able to experience all kinds of different instances (Lergner).

The Macedon Law enforcement Department is usually committed to serving their community by employed in partnership with the residents, businesses, and organizations that make up the city. The partnership's goal should be to prevent criminal offenses, solve challenges and enhance the quality of life for anyone that lives, visits will not business with all the Town of Macedon. Macedon Police Office provides the highest level of professional policing solutions to all members of their community (Macedon Authorities Department). Among the how the Macedon Police Division helps your community is, when you are driving down the highways or any streets for that matter, you could sometimes see a state trooper or police officer sitting on the side or concealing in a nook of the street running adnger zone. The police office do this as a means of keeping the city safe by stopping, for the best of all their abilities, all of the drivers who also speed simply by pulling these people over and ticketing them. This is helping out the community because not only is it keeping the rider that is racing safer, it is teaching these to learn to reduce and not produce a bigger chance of crashing into something, just about all keeps all of those other drivers on the highway around them more secure, so the new driver doesn't have a better chance of a crash into one other car...

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