Human Resource Management: Multiple Choice Questions

 Essay on Human Resource Management: Multiple Choice Questions

Chapter sixteen

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In line with the opening circumstance, Molex at this point operates some 50 manufacturing plants in 21 countries. As a result base, _______________ of its $2. a few billion in annual revenues are outside the United States. A. 25 percent

N. 45 percent

C. sixty-five percent

G. 75 percent

E. eighty five percent

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Molex, according to the opening case, can be best described as having a A. geocentric policy.

M. polycentric policy.

C. multidomestic policy.

M. global insurance plan.

E. transnational policy


The activities a business carries out to apply its ____________ effectively is referred to as human resource management.

A. customers

N. external stakeholders

C. workers

D. suppliers

E. supervision


Reimbursement practices may possibly varying via country to country, time laws prohibiting union corporation, and the strong pursuit of equivalent employment legislation are all difficulties in A. buyers orientation.

N. external stakeholders.

C. human resources.

D. dealer confidence.

E. firm framework


Philip Thomas is actually a manager pertaining to XYZ International Inc. Philip's job needs him to deal with the differences in equal employment legislations between each nation. Philip could be considered to be a(n) A. exterior manager.

B. account manager.

C. human resource supervisor.

D. expatriate manager.

At the. labour legal professional


The actions which include determining the business human resource approach, staffing, performance evaluation, managing development, reimbursement, and work relations happen to be referred to as A. personnel psychology management.

M. stakeholder administration.

C. hrm.

D. positive-sum management.

E. employee contact management


A(n) __________ manager is actually a citizen of just one country who will be working overseas in one of his or her firm's subsidiaries.

A. expatriate

M. cross-divisional

C. cross-cultural

G. ethnocentric

At the. inpatriate

almost 8.

Multi household firms make an effort to create worth by emphasizing

A. community responsiveness.

W. ethnocentrism.

C. empowerment.

D. strategic complicite.

E. main competency writing


Adam Cowgill works for Dell Computer (a U. S. based firm) but can be assigned to Dell's revenue office in Germany. Under these instances, Mr. Cowgill would be named a(n) _____ manager. A. ethnocentric

B. cross-cultural

C. expatriate

Deb. cross-divisional

Electronic. foreign

15. ______ is involved with the collection of employees pertaining to particular careers. A. Payment policy

M. Staffing plan

C. Functionality appraisal insurance plan

D. Teaching policy

E. Hiring plan

11. The definition of corporate lifestyle refers to an organization's ________. A. reimbursement systems

M. norms and value devices

C. standing up among their peer firms

D. policies, rules, and regulations

E. behaviour and attitudes

doze. Beth's behavioural style, morals, and worth system are consistent with that of the company that she works for and is also said to be compatible with her provider's

A. company culture.

W. corporate structure.

C. corporate and business resources.

D. corporate bureaucracy.

E. corporate standards

13. Research has determined three types of staffing needs policies in international businesses: (1) the ethnocentric procedure, (2) the polycentric approach, and (3) the

A. networkcentric way.

B. intercentric approach.

C. globalcentric procedure.

D. geocentric approach.

Electronic. multicentric way

14. Basic Electric is not only concerned with hiring people who have the relevant skills required for executing particular careers; it wishes individuals whose behavioural models, beliefs, and value systems are according to those of GENERAL ELECTRIC. This would be an example of

A. ethnocentrism.

B. corporate culture.

C. polycentric plan.

D. network approach.

At the. behavioural way

15. In the Dutch firm Philips, crucial positions generally in most foreign subsidiaries were previously held simply by Dutch excellent who were referred to by their non-Dutch...