Gayueu Article

Module III Lessons 1

Act: p. 82 – 83

Activity 1 – The Curriculum Stakeholders: Do their very own Roles Vary? Guide inquiries for the role perform:

1 . What significant roles do the stakeholders play?

2 . What discussion illustrates these types of roles?

three or more. What activities of the essential players display these?


1 . ) The significant functions do the stakeholders play will be the learners is a center of curriculum. They are the reason a curriculum developed and the teacher is a programs maker. This individual writes a curriculum daily through lessons plan. The parents are responsible because of their child education. 2 . ) The dialogue illustrate these kinds of roles is approximately educational dialogue about good reading. several. ) The actions from the key players shows the fogeys gave suggested to their children, the teacher taught and wrote a lesson even though the learners discussed why they are late. 5. ) The members offered their concepts about our presentation. They will assist all of us to make the presentation less difficult. 5. )Yes, each member of our group lead in our activity.

Activity 2 – -panel Forum for the Role of each and every Stakeholder

1 ) Each group should interview one sort of stakeholder.

installment payments on your Each group will be symbolized by a -panel member. Each member of the panel will discuss his/her matter. 3. Following your panel demonstration, a online community will opened and the complete class can easily participate

Echo: p. 83

Let us deeply think on the jobs of the diverse stakeholders in the implementation of the curriculum. Circumstance:

Write the reflection:

Basically am the key of the institution I will speak all the parents that we ought to sustained the positioning that the university plant prepare should be privileged eventhough that they invested in the improvement of the class. I will tell them that the institution is very impressed by their support.

I advised that the school administration plus the parents should certainly cooperate well for the main advantage of each other specifically to the learners. They should obvious all the rules or the desiscion of the university. They should acknowledge both for the benefits of the scholars. Self – Check: l. 84

Who will be the stakeholder? Read every situation or perhaps description and identify the stakeholder reported in the program implementation. 1 . The direct beneficiary with the curriculum rendering. Upon them lies the success or failure in the curriculum. ­­­­_________________________ 2 . The person who straight implements the curriculum, in whose hands, direction and guidance are provided for successful implementation. __________________________ 3. Dedicate their personal money to realise the goals of the curriculum. All their interest is on the returning of their expense through the learning outcomes with the students. ___________________ 4. That they see to it that the written programs is effectively implemented in schools therefore they provide support to the whole organization through their management. ________________________ your five. Indirectly or directly involved in school actions as a useful resource. _________________________ six. Implements the afternoon to time activities in school. __________________________________ six. Provides administrative support to teachers and learners. __________________________ 8. Prepared activities to implement the objectives. _________________________________ 9. Encounters the activities prepared in the subjects. ____________________________ 15. Measures the achievements of the subjects implementation. _________________________

Module 3 Lesson two

Take Action: l. 89 – 90

Course activity: Help to make students in groups. Determine a specific lessons to be taught, learning objectives, choice of multimedia, preparing a grid type of Lesson Plan. ANSWER:

Subject: Science

Level: Grade six

Class Size: 40 college students

Duration: 1 Period (1 hour)

Lessons: Classification of Stars


After 1 hr of discussion the pupils will be able to:

To ascertain the various classifications of stars and just how it is labeled. To discern what course a single legend belongs.

To demonstrate the relationship...