Families of Kids with Malignancy

 Families of Children with Cancer Essay

Groups of Children with Cancer

Families of Children with Cancer

Allison Hershberger

HCA/240 Health and Disease

Kathalene Harris February 27, 2013 Groups of children with cancer

There are many different types of cancer that are well known, not every of them are typically found in children. The most common cancer we find in children today is Leukemia. What causes cancers cells to form? A normal cell will " grow, split, and pass away in an orderly fashion. ” (cancer. org). When each of our cells start dividing and growing this is when they become unusual cells. Cancers of the bone tissue marrow and blood are the most common malignancy in kids affecting roughly about 34% of children today.

Leukemia attaches and forms in the blood skin cells, when there is an overabundance of white colored blood cells in your body. Usually your white blood cellular material will protect you from infections nevertheless at times they will just do not really divide if you want them. That they reproduce which in turn makes them a great abnormal cell. Risk factors

Genetic risk factors:

This is when we receive something from our parents or possibly a family member; it is in our body's makeup which is called DNA. You might have a close friend or sibling who has had leukemia or Immune system insufficiencies. Lifestyle risk factors:

While there is a possibility of lifestyle risk it is improbable that it could have anything to carry out with the child years leukemia. Environmental risk factors:

Extended contact with radiation.

Resistant suppressor treatment.

There is no actual way to detect or perhaps prevent the child years cancers, a number of the signs could be fatigue, speedy weight loss, decrease of appetite, fever. Just to term a few. Early detection is the foremost preventative action that we may take. I are not really sure that there is any way to make an earlier detection of cancer within a child.

How can cancer impact our bodies? Basically what happens is the fact when you have to...

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