Digitalization of information, types of computers and components of computer system

 Essay in Digitalization of data, types of computers and components of laptop

Computer project.

1 . Info Digitization is the process through which the physical data just like text, photos, audio and video can be converted inside the digital contact form.

2 . The primary parts happen to be:

1 ) CPU (Central Processing Unit)

2 . Ram (Random Gain access to Memory)

3. hauptplatine

4. Hard drive

5. Power source

6. disk drive (optional)

7. Cooling system.

8. a frame.

a few. There are 4 basic types of computer.

Super pc

Mainframe Pc



I. Supercomputer.

The most powerful computers regarding performance and data finalizing are the supercomputers. These are specialised and task specific pcs used by large organizations. These computers are used for research and exploration purposes, like NATIONAL AERONAUTICS AND SPACE ADMINISTRATION (NASA) uses supercomputers for starting space shuttles, controlling them and for space exploration in purpose. The supercomputers are extremely expensive and intensely large in proportions. It can be let in in large air-conditioned bedrooms; some extremely computers can easily span a whole building. 2. Mainframe Pc.

Although Mainframes are not since powerful because supercomputers, but certainly they can be quite expensive non-etheless, and many huge firms & government agencies uses Mainframes to run their business operations. The Mainframe computers could be accommodated in large air-conditioned rooms due to the size. Super-computers are the speediest computers with large info storage capacity, Mainframes can also procedure & retail outlet large amount of info. Banks educational institutions & insurance providers use mainframe computers to store data of the customers, students & insurance policies holders. III. Minicomputer.

Minicomputers are used simply by small businesses & firms. Minicomputers are also named as " Midrange Computers”. These are tiny machines and is accommodated over a disk with not as finalizing and info storage functions as super-computers & Mainframes. These computers are not created for a single user. Individual departments of a large firm or...