Pay in Account and Wadi Oh

 Deposit Account and Wadi Ah Dissertation


Al-Wadiah comes from the word of Al-Wad'. Al-Wadiah literally means " to leave, quit or abandon” and officially means portrayal in keeping possession or respectable private goods in a specific way. Besides that, any belonging left by the owner or perhaps his reps with someone to take care of them. Al-Wadiah is a commission given by the depositor to the depository for keeping his real estate in secure custody al-amanah and completed on the basis of charitable trust. In the Quran, there is a great evidence regarding Al-Wadiah in Surah An-nisa verse fifty eight (4: 58)

And in Surah Al-Baqarah verse 283 (2. 283)

Apart from Surah inside the Quran, in addition there are evidence coming from hadith: " Discharge the trust towards the person who trust it for you, and do not betray the one who have betrays you” (Sunan Abu Dawud)

The scholars from almost every era from the Islamic eras also had come into a consensus (Ijma') on the permissibility of the Wadi'ah contract since it is preferred by the people in general to the extent that it is actually an essential and vital contract for the contemporary society.


There is certainly 4 quitar of Al-Wadiah:

1 . Al-Muwaddi': Depositor, Owner of the property

2 . Al-Wadi': Depositee, Custodian of the home

3. Al-Wadi'ah: Property to get safe keeping

4. Sighah: Offer(ijab) and Acceptance(Qabul)


* Al-muwaddi' is the depositor or the owner of the home * Al-wadi' is the depositee or the custodian of the house * Different parties must be person of sound head and eligible to do a deal (ahliyaah approach ada'a) * Both parties has to be eligible to become a wakil (agent) and trustee * Al-wadi' must ensure his capability to safe-keep the first deposit


2. It must be beneficial from shariah view level, must be owner and deliverable * It ought to be a form of real estate that can be possessed physically

There is 2 types of Wadi'ah:

1 . Wadi'ah Yadd al-Amanah: Safe custody of the children based on trust...