CM220 Annotated Bibliography Unit 4

 CM220 Annotated Bibliography Device 4 Essay


Unit four Project: Annotated Bibliography

Edwina Kelley

Kaplan University

Annotated Bibliography


(Armstrong & Schmidt, 2013) Recovered from- Great After School Programs and Spaces That


This book has hundreds of ideas—from setting up a quiet reading space to dealing with clutter—reflecting the authors' numerous years of experience and hundreds of trips to a various school-age courses. It takes you through each of the considerations that affect your program and then lays away a process to assist you improve the 3 dimensions of the school-age environment. Temporal: Set up schedules, sessions, rules, and learning opportunities to meet kid's needs. Interpersonal: Facilitate the relationships and social connections of children, staff, families, plus the greater community. Physical: Generate sensory-rich interior and outdoor spaces

(2007, February 4) The Greater Vegas After-School All-Stars Sponsorship Video [Video file]. Retrieved from-

This video speaks volumes about the After-School All-Stars plan and how they give back to the community and help children after school by giving these people something to complete. They speak about how exactly between the hours of 3 and half a dozen in the afternoon in the children's parents are doing work and the kids are free to do what they want which is the moment most children enter trouble. Most kids are out committing offences, doing medications and having sex. This programs helps children with assignment work, playing athletics and carrying out things that they love, in addition, it helps lessen crime.

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(Need intended for After-School)- Recovered from-


(Armstrong & Schmidt, 2013) Gathered from- Wonderful After School Programs and Spaces That

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