Character Revealing Color Imagery in the Great Gatsby

 Character Revealing Color Imagery in the Great Gatsby Dissertation

Farzad Rafsanjani Sadeghi



Character Uncovering Colour Symbolism in The Wonderful Gatsby

The truly amazing Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, is a story of a self-made, prosperous man named Jay Gatsby who attempts to regain his passion of an old flame, Daisy Buchanan, a great upper class, right now married girl. In this novel, imagery and symbolism are more comfortable with develop facets of certain character types throughout the story. Colour symbolism of green, white and gold provide contrast pertaining to the " Nouveau-Riche” persona Jay Gatsby with set up society (the old rich) and thus spotlight differences and character characteristics. The physical description of objects, specifically by their coloring, is seen constantly throughout the story. The widespread colour, nevertheless , is the coloring green. The value of this coloring evolves while the story advances but it generally represents Gatsby's hope. This could be inferred in the last sentences with the book that says: " Gatsby supported the green lumination [at the end of Daisy's dock], the orgastic future that year by year recedes before us” (Fitzgerald, 171). This generally seems to say that Gatsby never believed in giving up on taking Daisy back. This individual wished his dream to come true but , due to social distinctions between him and Daisy, " the present would move him away from green light” no matter how much effort he put in. Furthermore, green signifies money. When ever Daisy is usually invited to Nick's to get tea, " at two o'clock a greenhouse showed up from Gatsby's” (81). This profuse screen of Gatsby's " Nouveau-Riche” money is usually conveyed throughout the colour green, to, again, take Daisy back. In addition, the colour green represents the near future. " The moment that experienced the beginning of [James Gatz's] career” (94) involves him using " a torn green jersey and a pair of canvas pants”(95). Not necessarily by chance that Gatsby is wearing green the day of his beginning in life, for the reason that green symbolizes once again wish for a future of prosperity, fame and funds. Another...

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