Breaking the Norm

 Essay on Breaking the Tradition

Breaking the Norm

A social norm is a idea or unsaid " rule” on how persons should work in different circumstances. And when you are in those circumstances and you act as you " should”, their normal. If you don't act as you should its regarded different or weird. Sociologists called that breaking the sociable norm.

There is a sociable norm of standing in an elevator the " correct way”, which can be standing facing toward opportunities of the elevator. When you first get of the escalator, you press the button to which ground you want to move away from on. Then simply, naturally just like everyone else, you face the elevator entry doors until it is usually your time to get off. There is no rule that states which usually way you need to stand with an elevator, all of us does do it. My group decided to break that normative behavior.

We attended the escalator near the financing services table in Mosler Hall around the Miami Hamilton campus. There are three people participating in typical breaking and two people videotaping the reactions with the people. It's important to note that the three of us which were participating, were all girls and of the age of eighteen. On the day that we out of cash this tradition it was a little chilly exterior and very blowy, gusty, squally, bracing, turbulent. We as well conducted the experiment among 1-2 p. m.

We positioned one person to videotape around the first flooring of Mosler Hall plus the second person on the third floor of Mosler Corridor to videotape. We initially got onto the escalator on the initial floor of Mosler and turned to deal with the back wall membrane of the elevator when others would enter into onto the elevator around. Then we got off of the escalator on the third floor of Mosler plus the three of us separated in different guidelines as if all of us weren't jointly. We would after that go back to the first flooring and do it out again to see the people's reactions. A couple of times, we would turn via facing the spine wall to facing the side wall to verify that the people's reactions could change.

In breaking this interpersonal norm, we didn't obtain a lot of reactions...