Autism Awareness and Acceptance

 Essay in Autism Recognition and Acknowledgement

Today can be autism consciousness day. The whole day I've pondered what this means. We have arrived at the answer: so much! This amazing spot to be in for children who will be being clinically diagnosed now. There are people that happen to be acknowledging autism. That is big. 10, 20, 30 years before this would have never have happened. Yet it can be happening today. That warrants its own celebration! I'm constantly taken aback by strength that those who have carried the sign, ‘my child has autism' around pertaining to awhile today. There was a time a short time ago when the phrase ‘autism' was simply not uttered. Definitely not recognized. I've learned so much from the few that have walked on this path ahead of me.

As much as I actually am thankful for today, there is something voracious that has been consuming away each and every corner of my heart and soul. We are all doing so much, but , it just won't seem like enough sometimes. You will find days the depth in the pain which i feel pertaining to my kid who has autism is just too much to bear. Not simply my own child, but the community of amazing kids with autism and their households who have turn into my community. Some of these kids have learned tips on how to adapt and communicate within the various areas in which that they exist, yet some are thus grossly misunderstood and isolated. Behind all of these children which the label, ‘autism' is honored, stands a father or mother, or two, a household, and ideally their own community of followers.

How come today thus inspiring yet so disturbing then? Since, it's not only about awareness, it's about acceptance. It can about us contacting the person following to all of us, regardless of what their diagnosis is definitely, be it autism, cancer, or perhaps epilepsy…and simply loving them. Being able recognize that each one of us has pros and cons and having the ability to eventually find beyond that to see and hear about each other. There is merely so much to master from each other. It's a wonderful feeling knowing that because of today and the up coming 364 days, that one year from today we is going to...