Article assessment

 Article review Essay

Christina Christman

EDUC 205

Article Assessment #3

September 15th, 2014


Liu, Chu Chih; Chen, I actually Ju (Crissa. Contemporary Issues in Education Research a few. 4 (April 2010): 63-66

This article regarding the constructivism theory described the distinction between the social constructivism plus the cognitive constructivism. As stated inside the article a large number of psychologists believe that children study from their knowledge and the environment. The article talks about that and also learning through prior knowledge of their experiences. Children connect knowledge through their experience. The article discusses many people that are in children's live that can effects their learning. Not just father and mother, but facilitators, teachers, colleagues, etc . They mentioned may directly affect kids. Not only the discussion about who impacts kids learning was discussed yet also what affects kids learning. For example , textbooks, shows, etc .

The article was perfect for me to study. It allowed me to understand more clearly who and how a lot of things have an impact about children's learning. One of the document strengths to also talk about is the way the article proceeded to go in full fine detail about different types of constructivism, for instance , social and cognitive constructivism. The article touched on the psychiatrist theories of constructivism and how they have distinctions. It was stimulating because possibly psychologist tend not to see vision to attention. Teachers are identical way especially with their college students.

While the article touched about the learning theory of constructivism, My spouse and i didn't think that I fully understood the between the two theories. There were a lot of information in the article that made me feel a little confused. Out of this article I mainly got a whole lot of knowledge regarding different psychiatrist and their values, as well as information concerning the different methods children learnings.

This article and text book performed have some commonalities. Each handled...