Improving Statewide Spatial Data Infrastructures in Support of the National Spatial Data System

 Essay upon Advancing Statewide Spatial Info Infrastructures for the Nationwide Spatial Info Infrastructure

Improving Statewide Space Data Infrastructures in Support of the National Space Data System (NSDI)

Proper Planning Method Map

To be used by all Stakeholders in the Geospatial Community

Produced by NSGIC

for the Federal Geographic Data Panel (FGDC)

03 2006

Advancing Statewide Spatial Data Infrastructures in Support of the National Space Data Infrastructure (NSDI)

Ideal Planning Process Map

For proper use by every Stakeholders inside the Geospatial Community

This doc was made by the National States Geographic Information Authorities (NSGIC) below contract to the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC)

Contract Number: 05HQCN0034

March 2006

This document was developed by Applied Geographics Incorporation. in assistance with a committee of varied stakeholders from the Geospatial Community.


The countless natural unfortunate occurances that happened during 2005 provide a convincing reason why almost all members of the geospatial community must communicate to build effective statewide spatial data infrastructures (SSDI) that serve and protect each of our citizens. Above the coming 10 years, diverse stakeholder groups will need to work carefully together if we are to combination these SSDIs to complete the Nationwide Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI). Just as the federal government relies on person states to participate in countrywide programs, the states must rely on most levels of federal government, academia, ammenities, the exclusive sector and non-profit businesses to contribute to statewide applications. Strategic organizing is a crucial element to get articulating a shared vision, and for building the partnerships that are essential for disparate companies to work together on prevalent goals. It is crucial to identify geospatial needs which have been shared by many people stakeholder organizations. For instance, it is easy to envision that statewide orthoimagery acquired on the routine basis would be useful to almost all stakeholder groups. Successful strategic preparing is essential intended for moving collaborative programs ahead and attaining the required support for purchases of your SSDI. This task is section of the Fifty Says initiative from your Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC). A core element of this Effort is building more formal statewide geospatial coordination local authorities that will help to govern and the NSDI by enabling all stakeholders. The principal desired goals of this task are to:

• Encourage execution of statewide spatial info infrastructures through effective tactical and organization planning efforts. • Present guidance on planning activities.

• Encourage the formation of partnerships and alliances that could improve planning process. • Provide a standard national framework for tactical and business plans, and so we can compare them to reveal national styles.

Effective preparing is essential to get moving collaborative programs ahead and obtaining funding to your SSDI. A number of documents had been created to support the geospatial community in these planning work, including:

• A Strategic Plan Theme that provides a process for umschlusselung a clear path from present conditions into a vision for future years. • A Strategic Planning Method Map that divides the creating the tactical plan in five simple steps or levels that are every characterized by particular activities, jobs, and achievements. • A small business Plan Template that provides reveal description of how objectives will be achieved, combined with the necessary justification for doing them.

The Strategic and Business Plan layouts each incorporate major section headings with key data and several questions that needs to be considered. The look team is going to determine which questions are applicable for their activities and use the answers to these questions to help draft an effective program. This structure was developed, since " a single size...