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Routine Functions and trigonometry

Checking out periodic info

periodic function- repeats a pattern of y-values

cycle- one full pattern

period- the horizontally length of one cycle

amplitude- half the difference between the optimum and minimal values with the function Sides and the unit circle (pg. 718)

common position- when the vertex is at the origin and one beam is for the positive x- axis primary side- the ray around the x-axis

terminal side- the other ray

the measure of an viewpoint is positive when the rotation form the preliminary side to the terminal aspect is in the counterclockwise direction the measure of a great angle can be negative if the rotation can be counterclockwise coterminal angle- two angles in standard situation that have precisely the same terminal part (cos, sin)

Radian assess (pg. 726)

central angle- an angle with a vertex at the center of your circle intercepted arc- area of circle in which the central aspects endpoints intersect the group radian- the measure of an angle if a central angle intercepts a great arc which includes the same size as a radius of a group of friends do180o= l radians radians- proportion that converts radians to levels and vice versa s=rlength of the intercepted arc

The sine function (pg. 734)

the sine function- y=sin

y=a sin w

|a|is the amplitude of the function

bis the number of cycles in the interval from zero to a couple of

2bis the period of the function

sine function start at the foundation


The cosine function (pg. 743)

the cosine function- y=cos

y=a cos b

|a|is the amplitude of the function

bis the amount of cycles inside the interval via 0 to 2

2bis the period in the function

cosine function start at (0, 1)


The tangent function

Tangent of is where the y- coordinate of the stage where the series containing the terminal side of the angel intersects the tangent series x=1 y=...