A Study on Kid Vendors in Quiapo

 A Study upon Kid Sellers in Quiapo Essay


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CHAPTER I actually



Kid sellers are children from five to 12 years old whom sell merchandise or give something for sale. Quiapo is known as a district and primary city sq in Manila. In the Korea, one of every single six children is functioning illegally. (http://wikipedia.org) This practice is considered since exploitative and illegal inside the Philippines as it is in different intercontinental organizations. Underage children are compelled to manual labour in order to support their families. This kind of example of child labor is definitely one of many concerns in the Philippines and, many disturbingly, one of the rampant problems we encounter. Every kid has the directly to the most basic of necessities is obviously like a healthful environment, formal education and many importantly, a loving relatives to come home to. However, poverty hinders the children to the of these things and makes them to claim the streets and sell products to make a living. According to the 2011 survey on children leasing by the Countrywide Statistics Office (NSO), about 5. 59 out of 29. 019 million youngsters are already working. (Philippine Daily Inquirer) The truth that these millions of children who are supposed to have the environment of your classroom will be roaming the busy and dangerous pavements of the nation is very scary. It is that is why that the specialist is considering taking a more dangerous look into the concern and in the endeavor to make an awareness of an already existing law that is seemingly not correctly implemented, this kind of research started out.

Statement with the Problem

This kind of study was undertaken to learn the profile of the kid vendors in Quiapo Manila. Specifically, this kind of study wanted answers towards the following exploration questions: 1 ) What age group do most of the respondents are supposed to be in?

installment payments on your What merchandise do they sell?

a few. Where carry out they usually sell off goods?

some. How a large number of hours perform they operate?

Scope and Limitations

This kind of study looked at the profile of the youngster vendors ages 5 to 12 years aged in Quiapo Manila as well as the things about all their work. Not any attempt was performed to execute a study to neither some other places neither any other age group.

Definition of terms

Kid vendorsIn this analyze, kid vendors refer to kids aging via 5 to 12 years

offering goods.

ExploitativeSomething used illegally. (Webster's Small Dictionary) RampantWidespread. (Webster's Compact Dictionary)

PeddleOffer for sale. (Webster's Compact Dictionary)

EndeavorAttempt. (Webster's Compact Dictionary)

CompelMeans to cause through necessity. (Webster's Compact Dictionary)

Research Treatment

The main objective of this research was to know the profile in the kid suppliers in Quiapo Manila.

Exploration design

To realize the objective of this kind of study, the researcher employed the detailed survey technique. This method is designed for the examiner to gather details about factual data, focusing on the size of the situation because they existed during the time of the study. Through this study, the current existing condition referred to the profile in the kid vendors.


The respondents contains the kid suppliers of Quiapo Manila, with the target population of 31.

Research Tool

The research tool used was obviously a checklist consisting of a list of well prepared questions invented to gather the essential data and which was dry-run by the researcher. A copy in the checklist is definitely presented within the following page. KID SUPPLIERS IN QUIAPO



Name: ____________________________________________ Age: ___ 5-7 Addresses: __________________________________________ ___ 8-10 Sexuality: ____ Male____ Female ___ 11-12

Will you be attending school?

___ Yes___ No

If yes, please reveal the name of...