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In search of a CEO, with this sort of a large collection of people to oversee, it will require a strong head to fill up the shoes of 25 years of dedicated assistance. The individual that meets conditions, traits, and authoritarian leadership style are able to set a tone and communicate the vision and focus of a company by leading ethically. By setting reasonable goals, give positive opinions, encourage autonomy, practicing wide open communication, while sporting strong integrity and honnete. First, particular number of criteria that really must be met to determine a role they will have to fill up, and the initially on that list is usually leadership capability. This person needs to realize he/she is the face of the organization and therefor is a wishes in the operative workers under them. Authoritarian management is best described as having a good control of other folks, while watching tightly the activities of the organization but without being too intrusive. According to Northouse, " the Severe leader must control subordinates and them, ” (2012). If your husband gets too intrusive in to the people and business transactions, they will find themselves taking on more responsibilities compared to the ones they are really supposed to deal with, like staying the face of the company, such as. " CEOs have become the encounters of their corporations, starring in ad advertisments, courting regular media insurance coverage, and producing cameo appearances on primary time television shows e. g., Bill Gates in Frasier and Shelter Iacocca in Miami Vice, ” (Malmendier & Tate, 2009). An organization has to have purpose and a vision, and this is accomplished by establishing a set of goals. This person has to be in a position to appoint specific individuals to associated with organizations goal a reality. Therefore having a solid top management team, and after that keeping in very close touch with that crew. The team should be able to establish total objectives and set policies in place to meet all those objectives. This kind of team includes...

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