more than a decade a slave

 12 years a slave Essay

 12 Years a slave

The story starts off In Saratoga, New york city In 1841. Soloman Northup is tricked by

two guys named Hamilton, and Brown to go to Wa D. C on a paid out expense, to

perform his violin. As they are in Washington Soloman Has to many drinks in the evening, and

the next day is awoken in chains. The boys then inform Soloman that he his a servant and

his name is usually Platt, and start to overcome him. Soloman is then delivered to the South and sold

for one thousand dollars to Mr Kia. Mr Kia then exchanges Soloman to Edwin Epps because

Mr Honda is unable to shield Soloman, as they beat a white son for trying to beat

him for no reason, so now the community wants Soloman dead. Edwin Epps is well known

for beatings of course, if you are not regular in organic cotton picking or averaging two hundred pounds,

the slaves happen to be then beat 40 to 150 eyelashes. When the crops are out of season, Soloman

is utilized in Judge Turner until the crops come back once again. When Soloman comes

back to Edwins place, this individual see's a white guy who is a slave. His name is Armsby and

the reason why he his a slave had been a drunken overseer who had been given tons a

money and wasn't able to do the job properly so he became a debt wonderful now a

slave. Edwin employed a man to make a bersot, the man name was Largemouth bass who was coming from

Canada and supported equal legal rights. Soloman is then sent to help Bass build the

gazebo, because they are building Soloman and Bass begin to understand each other. Bass then

decides to help Soloman by simply sending a letter to his good friend in the North called Mister Parker.

Mr Parker then happens with a sheriff who asked Soloman concerns about him which is

right now a free person and on his way house. Soloman then brings the boys responsible for

his abduction to trail, but was not able to testify against whites inside the nations capital. He

lose the case against David Burch.